A stranger from the future contacted Adam early on in the game. Later on, we discovered this stranger to be Adam himself, from the year 2012. He is concerned with the appearance of the Croatoan Virus that took place in his version of 2009, and wants to prevent that series of events from repeating.




February 12: Undeliverable Email

Adam shares the stranger's email address; players receive an encoded message when contacting this address. See Your Future Is My Past Undeliverable Email.

February 16: Times Square Info

Olorin received this email from the stranger

Have you ever seen Time Square deserted? It will be deserted in your future.
Have you spotted the bio hazard pamphlet on the side of the pay phone?
It shows the reason why all the people have fled from all major cities.
At least, the few who survived.

In my past, the emerge of the Supporters of The Virus was the beginning of the end.
The virus is not a harmless microbe.
You have seen the web cam footage. Don't let my past happen.

Your friend

See also Goodb.e.y.e.? Video

March 5: Another Message From The Future

As the players try to solve the Incoming Message puzzle, they receive another encoded email from the stranger; see Another New Message From The Future.

March 6: I Have Detected The Location

Players receive an email from the stranger with some details regarding the upcoming TSO Chat session; see I have detected the location

March 30: Re: Dante

Bruce recieved an answer to his question "What did you do with Dante?"

Hi Bruce,
I have done nothing to Dante.
I just kept his secret. Well, originally at this point in time it is a secret I do not know yet, but as I'm from the future I know a bit more than my present self.
Stay tuned to your e-mail.
I will present you shortly with info. With this I mean very, very, very shortly.


March 30: A message from Dante

Players receive an email from Future Adam leading them to a new puzzle: see There's Nothing Here

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