You Have Cracked The Safe

The solution to the BRECOS puzzle reveals a rar-File


On April 15 LaythT solved the BRECOS puzzle.
Adding the crack?=geis to the wheter the eyeamhere or the crackthesafe url lead to this new site:

The Image

There is just an image of the safe:


Clicking on the safe opens up a megaupload site:

where a rar file (Safe Files.rar) could be downloaded.

Password for unraring:


It contains three images:

Name Imgage Comments
Microbe_(Croatoan Specie) lowquality (Pharmament).gif Microbe.gif Animated gif
Intercepted_Email.jpg Intercepted_Email.jpg The Hitman killed Dan O'Kean and Dr. Johanson
NewLink.jpg NewLink.jpg See New Link puzzle
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