We Need Your Help Video
  • uploaded: February 03, 2009
  • tags: Mystery, we, need, your, help, fight, the, virus

This video was found on The Secret Organization Myspace when the original trailhead was discovered.
The video is currently available here.

It includes a timer in the top-right corner counting from 00:00:00 up to 00:09:00 (the video lasts 9 seconds).
The video starts with what appears to be 3 cells (dark spots on a off-white background, perhaps a Perti dish) that duplicate as the video progresses.
After 02:30 seconds, the cells have split into 6, and by the 03:50 mark, they have split again for a total of 12 cells.
After about 4 seconds, the image disappears and the video displays statics from that point on.

Based on the background story, it is suspected that these cells are 3 samples of the Croatan Virus.

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