TSO Chat

Before the chat…

The players received news of an upcoming chat session with TSO throughout a series of puzzles:

The Location

AUZ505 found the location of the upcoming chat using the information from the Find a way in Puzzle. The URL is:

Chat Sessions

April 8th

Layth reported several Twitters from EYE early on April 8th:

"Tokyo (Japan) Thursday, April 9, 2009 at 4:00:00 AM
Amsterdam (Netherlands) Wednesday, April 8, 2009 at 9:00:00 PM
London (U.K.) Wednesday, April 8, 2009 at 8:00:00 PM
New York (U.S.A. - New York) Wednesday, April 8, 2009 at 3:00:00 PM
Los Angeles (U.S.A. - California) Wednesday, April 8, 2009 at 12:00:00 Noon
E.Y.E. confirm that the T.S.O. chat session will happen. But who will show up?"
All in separate twitters.

The TSO member attending the chat was Adam 2012, which was verified on Twitter by EyeAmHere.

An attempt at organizing all the information from the raw transcript. Below you'll find interesting parts of the chat re-organized for ease of reference.

Transcript Notes
User Adam 2012 has entered this room.
  • So we finally meet the Stranger From the Future
  • I (Olorin) won't even start listing all the theories about the year 2012 - suffice it to say it is a Major year (a-la year 1000 AD).
2:55 PM [AUZ505] Adam, you have found a way to contact us from the future?
3:01 PM [Adam 2012] Yes. E.Y.E. has provided me a platform to connect to you
3:01 PM [keroberos] Will E.Y.E. be coming here?
3:02 PM [Adam 2012] No, E.Y.E. only provides a secure environment
  • Confirms E.Y.E. is providing and maintaining this chatroom (which apparently allows for communications between our time and Future Adam's timeline) Javascript killer app, imho
  • At the same time it seems EYE is not going to be directly involved even in simple communications like this.
3:01 PM [mycroft7] is E.Y.E still outside of TSO?
3:02 PM [Adam 2012] Yes, E.Y.E. has chosen to go AWOL together with Dante, as long as there is still a mole inside T.S.O.
  • Confirms EYE and Dante are AWOL at the moment, due to a mole in TSO
3:02 PM [hx3] Where is Eve?
3:03 PM [Adam 2012] At this point in time, in my past, she was at a hidden T.S.O. location in New York.
3:03 PM [AUZ505] Do you know who the mole is?
3:03 PM [Adam 2012] Unfortunately I never found out who the mole is. I am the only T.S.O. survivor
  • So all present T.S.O. members have died, besides Adam.
3:03 PM [Bruce] Can you contact her [Eve]?
3:04 PM [Adam 2012] No, unfortunately not, else I would tell her to leave NY
3:04 PM [mycroft7] do you have any ideas as to who the moles was? any clues to their identity?
3:04 PM [Adam 2012] No, on April 8, 2009 I had just become part of T.S.O.
  • Present Adam joined T.S.O. on April 8 (today).
  • But the Avatar on his blog already had the T.S.O. text since February 22
  • I'm not sure that "I had just become part of TSO" is meant to indicate APril 8 was the day he joined.. In the grand scheme of things (remember, this is ADam talking to us from 3 terrible years in the future), if he had joined about a month earlier, it might still be referred to as "just joined"
3:04 PM [AUZ505] Will the virus start in NY?
3:05 PM [Adam 2012] As far as we are able to establish in our time, the virus spread from a couple locations, NY being one of them
3:05 PM [Layth] Where else did it spread from?
3:05 PM [Adam 2012] We know that it spread from the U.S.
3:06 PM [Olorin] Can you tell us what TSO stands for? The Secret Organisation or True Science Organization. ?
3:06 PM [Adam 2012] @Olorin: T.S.O. was the Secret Organisation, but as I am the only survivor I have no access to their Secrets, so I dubbed it True Science Organization (with the U.S. z instead of British s)
  • confirms that future T.S.O. will be True Science Organization
3:06 PM [keroberos] So Adam, what is left in 2012
3:07 PM [Adam 2012] @ keroberos: chaos. Every attempt for us to organise and reboot civilisation is sabotaged by S.T.V.
  • S.T.V is still active in 2012
3:05 PM [hx3] who is we?
3:07 PM [hx3] what is the tso's role in 2012?
3:09 PM [Adam 2012] @ hx3: I have recruited new members and we work closely with the police in figuring out what exactly happened and any info that might help us against S.T.V.
3:09 PM [keroberos] How did you survive Adam?
3:10 PM [Adam 2012] @ keroberos: many things happened on April 30th and May 1st. I ended up isolated from the highly populated areas and therefore was not (directly) infected by the virus.
3:09 PM [squid808] Adam, is there anything we can do to save you from your current present? Or will we only affect the paths of our future while leaving you in an alternate timeline?
3:11 PM [Adam 2012] @squid808: I originally hoped that would be possible, but it seems that my present (your future) is a potential future for you. Meaning that if you prevent the virus from happening, it will still have happened in my reality. Unfortunately
3:11 PM [Adam 2012] this means I will not be able to ever again be with Eve. But I can at least try to rescue her in your reality/timeline
3:13 PM [hx3] I'm sorry that you can't be with Eve, but we'll do our best to save her
3:13 PM [Adam 2012] @ hx3 thank you
3:14 PM [Adam 2012] If I at least will be able to save her this time, then I can hopefully get on with my life and focus on the destablishing of S.T.V.
3:10 PM [Bruce] Can we trust anyone at Pharmament?
3:13 PM [Adam 2012] @Bruce: As far as I and my people know, Pharmament was just an Arms company that also made consumer products on the side.
3:13 PM [Bruce] Do you know anything about a safe?
3:14 PM [Adam 2012] @ Bruce: no, I know nothing about a safe. Remember, things that are currently happening in your timeline might not have happened in mine, or in another way.
3:15 PM [Bruce] What can you tell us of Nova-Terra?
3:16 PM [Adam 2012] Nova Terra is what you call Earth. It's still Earth, but we decided we needed a fresh start. As there are so few survivors we no longer speak of countries
3:11 PM [hx3] what is dennis' involvement? did he release the virus?
3:12 PM [hx3] and if so, why?
3:16 PM [Layth] how long do you have with us on this chat Adam?
3:16 PM [keroberos] do you know how we can save anyone? who we should warn about what?
3:18 PM [Adam 2012] @ Layth: as long as is needed…or till I run out of energy. / hx3: who is Dennis? / Keroberos: it's hard to change the past. warning them will not help, T.S.O. is too heroic they will risk losing their life if needed.
3:19 PM [mycroft7] did you ever meet dave o'kean?
3:20 PM [Adam 2012] No, pre doomsday I heard about a Dan O'Kean who was about to be recruited by Dante but was then murdered. This delayed me becoming a T.S.O. member. His murder was the reason I went to Europe.
  • Dan's murder was the reason fpr Adam's trip to Europe.
3:20 PM [Bruce] Adam, are D T Johns and DJ aliases of Dante?
3:20 PM [Adam 2012] @ Bruce, very possible
3:20 PM [mycroft7] what were you looking for in europe? what was the story?
3:22 PM [Adam 2012] @ mycroft7: a British hacker, HaxHoax, found something about the same arms company you mentioned. He was murdered. I never found out who did it as I had to flee Europe. Then, before I could return the virus happened.
  • The O'Kean brothers are from UK, Europe.
3:21 PM [Bruce] Any suspicions on the STV hitman's identity?
3:22 PM [Adam 2012] @ Bruce: I know he's romanian and he and/or his people were after me in Europe when I stirred up some things.
3:07 PM [Olorin] will we talk to you again ?
3:16 PM [Olorin] I was wondering if we can expect to talk to you again - if so when?
3:23 PM [squid808] Will we speak with you again?
3:24 PM [Adam 2012] Possibly, if needed. Bruce's safe question has inspired me to ask E.Y.E. to guard something for me till the time is right.
3:25 PM [Layth] What will you ask him to guard?
3:25 PM [Adam 2012] @ Layth: something that might help you solve the case I was never able to solve
3:26 PM [Bruce] Re: the murder of HaxHoax?
3:26 PM [Adam 2012] @Bruce: when the time is right. It might lead to many things.
3:30 PM [Bruce] Will you be able to chat again?
3:32 PM [Adam 2012] @ Bruce: possibly, but due to your leads I will leave very soon to dig deeper into Pharmament. I trust your instincts on this one. I might not return. I know S.T.V. rules the deserted streets of N.Y.
3:24 PM [Bruce] Who are the current (our time) members of TSO?
3:25 PM [Adam 2012] There are many philosophers, cops, politicians who are now part of T.S.O.
3:26 PM [Adam 2012] Basically, we are no longer Secret, we are an organisation of survivors who try to help mankind survive
  • Unclear if the list (philosophers, cops, politicians) refers to present or future T.S.O.
3:28 PM [Adam 2012] I have some messages: Amandel, Nederland zal ernstig geraakt worden als het virus uitbreekt. Zorg dat je weg bent uit Nederland.
3:28 PM [Adam 2012] Stay away from New York
  • Translation from Dutch (babelfish): "Amandel, the Netherlands will seriously be touched if the virus breaks out. Care that you are gone from the Netherlands."
3:28 PM [Bruce] Where should we focus our efforts right now?
3:29 PM [Adam 2012] @ Bruce: I might not be the right person. It seems your timeline is already altered. Things that had a huge impact on my timeline might have already been prevented by you. Also, things that we never found out about might have had a huge impact.
3:30 PM [Adam 2012] Thanks to you, I will investigate Pharmament and this Dennis guy.
3:30 PM [Adam 2012] I will have to visit the ghost city (NY)
3:31 PM [Adam 2012] As S.T.V. has been highly succesful of destroying our efforts to collect data
3:32 PM [Layth] Is there anything else we should know?
3:32 PM [Bruce] Can we put anything in place that would help you? We have people in NY.
3:33 PM [amandel] Do you have a msg for Dave O'kean?
3:33 PM [Adam 2012] @ Layth, I will keep E.Y.E. informed of my progress, I will make sure he will pass the message.
3:34 PM [Adam 2012] If Dave O'Kean currently lives near Dan, than he should leave the London Area, this also goes for HX3
3:34 PM [Adam 2012] lives near where Dan lived
3:35 PM [squid808] where is safe to go?
3:35 PM [squid808] or SAFER
3:35 PM [Adam 2012] Stay clear of highly populated areas. Make sure that at the end of April it would be safe to camp in forrests, just make sure you have enough supplies and stay clear of bears and crazy people
3:36 PM [Adam 2012] Also, make sure that you stay clear of Schools, as no English Professor has survived, which means universities and schools will be "destablished"
3:36 PM [Adam 2012] BUT… It is up to you to prevent my present from becoming your future
3:36 PM [amandel] why bears per se? but good advice…ty
3:37 PM [squid808] (Bears are scary, at any point in the timeline)
3:38 PM [squid808] It's good to see you still have a sense of humor after all that's happened.
3:38 PM [hx3] ty for the advice, ive prepared somewhere to stay
3:38 PM [Adam 2012] @ amandel, depending on where you stay. There's no bears in Holland (well, there's hardly any significant forests to hide in)
3:39 PM [Adam 2012] @ squid808, sometimes you have to keep laughing to keep from crying
3:39 PM [Adam 2012] --------------------------(((( DISCONNECTED )))----------------------------
User Adam 2012 has logged out.
  • The O'Kean brother lived in London

April 16th

Several E.Y.E. twitters on April 16:

E.Y.E. am at the location where you spoke to Adam2012.
@amandel77 - unfortunately, things are a bit more complicated. Maybe E.Y.E. will appear in the chat today to define my loyalties.

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