There's Nothing Here

An email from Future Adam leads to a new puzzle.




On March 30 Future Adam sends an email to the players; the subject line indicates the message originates from Dante:
Subject: A message from Dante

Visit E.Y.E.'s location, then add:
/ tnh / theresnothinghere dot asp

Your friend from the future,


The email leads to a new page on EYE's Website
The page displays a Flash video in a rectangular frame. The video currently displays only the following text shifting in and out of focus:

There's nothing here (yet)

In addition, in the lower/left part of the video, the following text is found:


The same text had appeared in Eve's Gift Puzzle


AUZ505 found the solution by combining the new site with Eve's Gift Puzzle:


to the URL lead to Dante's Message - Watch longer...

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