Apparently, the T.S.O. is here to warn us of a Croatoan Virus that is pretty dangerous. The original creator was murdered because of his desire to destroy the virus.
The Secret Organisation seems opposed to another group of people known as Support The Virus.

Currently, the T.S.O. is on a recruiting mission to expand their numbers. Also, they warn of a defector only known as E.Y.E. They are not for sure what his agenda is.

According to the stranger from the future both Dante and E.Y.E had a fallout with T.S.O.; the reason is not clear (but might be important).

According to Future Fugitive T.S.O might be named True Science Organization in the future.

The face of the T.S.O. avatar is Dante (see Twitter message from Marshall J Spence).


  • email: moc.liamg|noitasinagro.terces.eht#moc.liamg|noitasinagro.terces.eht


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25 February, 2009 - We need to talk…

…to you.

Therefore we will soon set up a chat.
We will provide you with further info within a week.
This chat session is top secret. Only share with those who can be trusted.
We trust your judgement.

PS. Yes, we will answer some of your questions…


14 March, 2009 - Is E.Y.E. showing himself?

Sometimes he does, sometimes he doesn't.


This email coincided with the appearance of the Eye Widget on E.Y.E.'s Home Page.

T.S.O. on Twitter

On 10 April the T.S.O. Twitter acount was detected by Olorin due to a twitter message form Dave:

10 April, 2009

9:58 PM Apr 10th from web
It seems Myspace is corrupted. T.S.O. team members' pages have been deleted without notice, while those STV scumbags still have a page.

16 April, 2009

@ all TSO affiliates: Moles have provided the STVHitman with the missing piece to the address. We might be too late to prevent the hit.

see Validate Your Answer

Rest In Peace

see Rest In Peace

We will miss you…

see Rest In Peace

You will never be forgotten…

see Rest In Peace

http://www.gunspiracy.com now serves for two dedications

//see Gunspiracy

Two deaths at one location. One enemy and one friend whom we will never forget.

see Rest In Peace

26 April, 2009

Dante took over the TSO twitter account.

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