The Question

A post on EYE's Blog leads to a puzzle that unlocks another puzzle.




On February 22 EYE published a new post on his Blog; the image reads

There are so many questions…

and links to a new page on EYE Website:


The Video

The new page includes a video, with several fast flashing text messages extracted by AUZ505:

  • Center: Get out while you can
  • left top: ?Password: ****
  • Center: 27628626
  • Center: Where to enter the password?
  • Center: Get out while you can
  • Center: How to enter the password?
  • Center: ?

The video includes an audio track of a phone ringing twice.

TheQuestion_0001.jpg TheQuestion_0002.jpg
TheQuestion_0003.jpg TheQuestion_0004.jpg
Screen captures of some of the text in the video


The Password

Talaisan decoded on February 23 the number 27628626 into the password by using standard phone keys encoding:

2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
abc def ghi jkl mno pqrs tuv wxyz



Where and How to use the password

snorkle256, on February 23, recognized the "?password? hint in the video as a suggestion on how the password can be used. Specifically this is a hint to add the password to the URL of the web site:
This lead to the Hacks Might Help Puzzle

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