The Hitman's Gmail Account

The Hacks Might Help Puzzle led the players to an email account apparently used by STV to communicate with a hired gun.


Discovered by AUZ505 on 23 February with information gathered from the Hacks Might Help Puzzle.



To access this email account, you can direct your browser to and use the following credentials:

  • Username: moc.liamg|namtihvts#moc.liamg|namtihvts
  • Password: 19232884

This leads to The Hitman's Gmail Account.

Since April 7 the password does not work anymore


The account was originally set to Romanian language; has since been switched to English by snorkle256.
Screenshot of the account with the original Romanian settings



Emails in the 'Starred' folder:

February 22, 2009 Email from STV

fromS. T. V. <moc.liamg|suriv.eht.troppus#moc.liamg|suriv.eht.troppus>
to"S. T. V. Man" <moc.liamg|namtihvts#moc.liamg|namtihvts>

dateSun, Feb 22, 2009 at 3:11 PM
subjectMission (target switch)

zqxv ngq icyi gclpjj jp bovxjxkiv
jv ju ukpi uq dtrwx ujh pehes
lkop fxh pp nc1 2uw

AUZ505 decoded the message using the S.T.V. cipher:

your men have failed in amsterdam
it is time to cross the ocean
kill eve on max 1st

whereas "max" should probably be "may"

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