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Another puzzle from EYE's Home Page.




On March 16, Eve sent an email

Subject: A new connection has opened
A new connection can be found at E.Y.E.'s location.
Are you a connoisseur?

This prompted a check on EYE's Home Page; a new sentence appeared: Art leading to a new link on EYE's web site:

The Text

The page displays the usual rectangular frame used in other puzzles by EYE, with some text in the top border:

dood - peste - tradimento - memoria

Olorin translated 3 of the 4 words on the unForum thread from Italian (it turns out not all words were in Italian, see below):

dood - plague - betrayal - memory

MrToasty provided the translation for the first word on the unForum thread from Dutch:

death - plague - betrayal - memory

AUZ505 linked the correct languages to each word (see solution below):

Dutch - French - Italian - Spanish

The Images

The gallery page displays a set of famous paintings within the rectangular frame; a small button in the lower-right corner allows to move on to the next image in the set (the image will pan to the right until the next image is displayed; the background of the animation simulates the pages of a book). The list is circular (once the last image is displayed, the cycle starts over):

Display Order Image Details
source: "Betrayal of Christ"
author: Giuseppe Cesari
nationality: Italian
source: "The Persistence of Memory"
author: Salvador Dali
nationality: Spanish
source: "The Triumph of Death"
author: Pieter Bruegel the Elder
nationality: Dutch
source: "Bonaparte Visiting the Plague-Victims of Jaffa"
author: Antoine-Jean Gros
nationality: French

The Background Image

RikaLeigh found that the background image for this page includes a small text:

Never touch a painting more than once. You might not notice the transition, but only click a painting once. Doubleclick or incorrect click will result in looped hell.


You really have to zoom in the lower-right corner to see the text


MrToasty solved this puzzle on the unForum thread.
AUZ505 found the "correct solution" for the puzzle:

The words on the top of the images provide a sequence; each word is in a different language, which links each word to one of the paintings:

  1. dood = death in Dutch, leads to Pieter Bruegel the Elder's "The Triumph of Death" (Painting #3)
  2. peste = plague in French, leads to Antoine-Jean Gros' "Bonaparte Visiting the Palgue-Victims of Jaffa" (Painting #4)
  3. tradimento = betrayal in Italian, leads to Giuseppe Caesari's " The Betrayal of Christ" (Painting #1)
  4. memoria = memory in Spanish, leads to Salvador Dali's "The Persistance of Memory" (Painting #2)

Therefore the words specify the following order for the images:


The images had to be clicked once each, in the correct order. The lower-right corner button could be used to move forward to the correct next image in the sequence.

When the correct sequence is completed, a new page opens up: see Dante's Gallery
Alternatively the URL can be modified with the appropriate argument to access the new page:

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