The Future

A page unlocked by a previous puzzle provides valuable information regarding the stranger from the future


MrToasty solved the Can You See... puzzle by finding the password lost in the maze; adding it to the URL of that page leads to a page with extracts from a diary:

The Diary

May 1st, 2012


Exactly three years ago the Croatoan Virus was presented to mankind.
The microbe that would make things better, but instead it made everything worse.
95% of mankind was wiped out wothin a week. The virus fed itself on human tissue, leaving no bodies to bury or cremate.
Luckily, the virus could not survive long without its fod.
It was airborne, but only for a few seconds.
These moments were enough to infect complete populations.
The virus became active, two days after infection. Within 5 days it would then kill its host.
The virus spread easily throughout the world. When people noticed they were infected, it was already too late.
Those of us who were isolated from the crowded urban areas turned out to be the "lucky" ones.
We survived.

I don't feel very lucky though.

August 13th, 2012

> My thoughts turn out to be true.

The few scientists we have left figured out that the dead viruses that are still in the air have a strange effect on us. It seems those who survived are evolving.
Although it sounds unbelievable, I cab transfer data back in time.
Due to some old newspaper I have been able to persuade some people that I am speaking the truth.
(send people their "tomorrow's news" and they are willing to believe you)
Maybe this knowledge can help to prevent my terrible past/their terrible future.

If I could send myself back in time it would be easy to terminate those responsible and prevent the events from happening.

Unfortunately, the laws of physics prevent me from going back myself.
I need my past friends to succeed.

I miss her.

August 15th, 2012 / February 10th, 2009


Although I can not send myself back in time, I can always contact my past self.
2009 Adam will wonder how a stranger got hold of his e-mail.
If I only knew then what I know now.

Luckily I have the ability to inform the 2009 version of me.

At this point in 2009, I would soon join T.S.O., after they saved me from that hitman in Amsterdam.
Dante would very soon disappear.
Eve would still be alive.
Oh, how I miss 2009.
I miss Eve.
I love Eve.

2009 Adam should be able to fix it all.

How sceptic I was in 2009.
I hope 2009 Adam believes he has contacted by his future self.

You have met him in the past.
My past is your future.

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