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Hardly anything is known about this group. They posted a random comment on T.S.O.'s MySpace Blog suggesting that people should come over to "their side". Sounds like it's personal. Especially since their logo is a T.S.O. Emblem with a targeting reticule.


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February 15, 2009: Comment on TSO MySpace

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February 17, 2009: Comment on TSO MySpace (Encrypted)

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February 17, 2009: Another Comment on TSO MySpace (Encrypted)

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February 19, 2009: Attention all troops… Email

ujh ucukjz xkop cg fnlqnth1nn jp 36 iqxvx

using the S.T.V. cipher decodes to

The target will be eliminated in 24 hours

February 22, 2009: Mission (target switch) Email

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