Hacks Might Help Puzzle

A puzzle hidden by another puzzle, once solved, leads the players to information on a new character.




On Fenruary 23, snorkle256 completed The Question Puzzle and gained access to a new video, and a new puzzle: http://www.eyeamhere.com/TQ/TheQuestion.asp?password=croatoan

The Video

The video has no audio, and displays the following text:

email = moc.liamg|namtihvts#moc.liamg|namtihvts // password =
Hacks Might Help To Men The Decks…



lhilt discovered that "Hacks" hinted to "Hex" (stands for Hexadecimal) and found a pattern in the numbers displayed on the video: Each number (aside from the first) is the decimal representation of the number preceding it, assuming the preceding number was a hexadecimal number.

  • 256 is the decimal representation of 100(hex)
  • 598 is the decimal representation of 256(hex)
  • 1432 is the decimal representation of 598(hex)
  • …and so on…

This leads to the missing number at the end of the sequence:

  • 19232884 is the decimal representation of 1257874(hex)

AUZ505 used this last number to log into The Hitman's Gmail Account

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