Goodb.E.Y.E.? Video

The fourth video posted by EYE04012009 on YouTube was uploaded on february 15.
The video is entitled Goodb.e.y.e.? and is available on YouTube, or on the videos page.

The comment is: "Not for long, E.Y.E. assume…"

The video lasts 39 seconds. It displays a rectangular frame (used in other videos by EYE), and what appears to be an eye in the background. The background is mostly covered by an image of an empty Times Square (New York City) that seem to be taken from a security camera. The camera image includes a time and location marker:

JUN/1/2009 NYC TMSQ.

Starting at the 00:06 seconds mark, the following words appear to the sides of the camera image:


The words are listed in the order in which they appear on screen. "I'VE MY AIM" appear to the left of the camera image, while "TO HUNT THE SHAPE" appears on the right of it. vertically, each side is evenly spaced (which results in "TO HUNT THE SHAPE" starting slightly higher in the image than "I'VE MY AIM").

At second 00:36 on the left top the following text flashes:

Chapter 0

At second 00:27 on the right bottom the following text flashes:

Chapter 1

At the beginning a reversed audio could be heard.
Snorkle256 reversed and posted the audio track on the unForum thread. The resulting audio is attached to this page: Goodb.e.y.e_reversed.mp3

Find the anagram

See Goodbye Anagram Puzzle; in addition, see the comments made by the stranger from the future regarding this video in an email to Olorin.

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