Future Fugitive

The solution to the Who Is He? puzzle reveals that Dennis (probably [http://pharmament.wikidot.com/character:dennis-weishaupt Dennis Weishaupt) is the bad guy.

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On April 7 Bruce solved Who Is He? puzzle by decoding the blinking eye morse code.
Adding the ?who=dennis to the given url lead to this new site:

The Image

The page displays a single image

The following text appears on the image:


For crimes against humanity
Genocide on the world's population by releasing the Croatoan Virus.
Leading the terrorist organization "S.T.V.".
Involvement in terrorist activities with the aim to destablish Nova Terra.
involvement in the murder of E. Mandera, J.R. Weishaupt, H. Mandelstrom, D.T. Johns.

If you have any info, please contact your local NTPD or True Science Organization.
Nova-Terra Police Department
document date April 7, 2010

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