Find An Entrance

Another image hiding an entrance leading to a piece of the puzzle.




On 14 March TSO sent a new email entitled "Is E.Y.E. Showing himself?", with a link to EYE's Home Page.
edgyninja discovered a new entry among the sentences that the page displays appearing as a moving eye.
The eye was linked to

The Image

The page displays a single image.
The background is a portion of the same image used for the background of the Codex Image, "Four Horsemen of Apocalypse" by Viktor Vasnetsov:


The Text

The image includes a large message in the bottom-center area:

Object Day

Zooming in on the image, a much smaller text can be seen in the top-right corner:



On 16 March a hint on Dante's Gallery reads:

"Object Day"
Mark these "words" to find another piece of the puzzle.
(By the time you read this, you might have figured it out.)

RikaLeigh solved the puzzle by marking the letters on the Codex Image and revealing the number 7:

Adding the ?entrance=7 portion to the URL lead to And So You Did

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