Events April 15-16

What has happened on April 15-16:

We finally achieved to crack the safe, where a rar-file with several images was found. One was an intercepted email from Dennis to The Hitman stating that the mole will try to find out the missing part of Eve's address. The Hitman should kill Eve immediatelly after receiving the missing address part.

Another image (New Link.jpg) lead to a new puzzle with the solution "Steinway" which is an address in NYC. It also lead to another page where the correct answer could be validated.

Players submitted the answer. Unfortunalely this site was set up by S.T.V. to inform The Hitman about Eve's whereabout. E.Y.E. supervised this page to detect the mole. So now several players are suspected to be moles.

A few hours later several "Rest in Peace" messages has been received via Twitter. Is Eve dead? Soon we found out the True Story: The address was wrong. It was not Eve's place but Adam was at Steinway St. When the Hitman saw that it was wrong he nevertheless decided to finish his work from Amsterdam and kill Adam. When the police arrived the Hitman died during the shootout.

S.T.V could have set up a site at E.Y.S.'s place since E.Y.E. is neutral.

Henry has left Pharmament and is now on the road with Dante.

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