Eve S All Astir Puzzle
Puzzle Summary
Status: Solved by Olorin, AUZ505
URL: n/a (email)
Solution: Chapters from Moby Dick, Codex/Kinght Moves
Discovered on: 17 February, 2009
Solved on: 18 February, 2009
Leads to: EYETube - Chapter 0
See also: n/a

Part 1


On February 17, Eve sent out the following email:

Subject: The key to a better view…
I have found something.
A window has appeared.
But, there's some glass for you to crack before you can enter:

All Astir The Pulpit.A Bosom Friend The Sermon.Loomings.Loomings Going Aboard

Be informed that there is a second part to this puzzle.
I will send you the second riddle when you're ready for it.



Olorin found that all the parts of the sentence to be decoded belong to Moby Dick (List of Chapters):

  • Chapter 20: All Astir
  • Chapter 8: The Pulpit
  • Chapter 10: A Bosom friend
  • Chapter 9: The Sermon
  • Chapter 1: Loomings
  • Chapter 21: Going Aboard

AUZ505 figured out the correct translation:

All Astir The Pulpit.A Bosom Friend The Sermon.Loomings.Loomings Going Aboard

20 8.10 9.1.1 21

This lead to a site that, at the time, was not accessible (403: Forbidden error).

Part 2


On February 18, Eve sent out the following email:

As promised, here's the second part of the puzzle.
Upon solving this, you will gain access to E.Y.E.'s diary.
When you're there, make sure you pay attention to detail.

Part 2:



Using the Knight Moves on the Codex Image the message was decoded:


This, combined with the decoded message from Part 1, lead to which became known as E.Y.E.'s Diary


Note that Eve reposted the two emails in the form of a single Post on her MySpace Blog.

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