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URL: http://www.myspace.com/evemandera
Discovery: 14 February 2009
Going Places Puzzle
Admin: Eve

Befriending Eve

From the Going Places Puzzle we were told to mention a 'white rabbit' in order to be befriended by Eve.


14 February 2009

The account was found through the Going Places Puzzle.

08 March 2009

21 March 21 2009

The 'Blurbs' section is added, with 2 images.


See Eve MySpace Blog for details on the Blog attached to this account.


Originally, the Interests field included only the 'Books' and 'Heroes' section.


There is one book I love to read over and over again.
As only my friends can view this, I will share you a download. Don't worry, it's in the public domain and therefore it's legal to download it.
(I would never let my friends do anything dangerous… unless the continuation of mankind depends on it…)
The best book in the world!
I would suggest you read the 400 Kb Tagged Version. Or simply download it. You never know when you get the urge to read it :-)

The link leads to a page on the PlanetPDF site where two versions of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland are available:

  • a standard version (direct link, requires PDF reader), sized at 280 KB;
  • a tagged version (direct link, requires PDF reader), sized at 400 KB.

The page also includes a link leading to information regarding 'Tagged PDFs'. Until now no difference has been found between the two versions of the book (aside from the file size).


My brother Dante, E.Y.E., T.S.O. and my boyfriend Adam.


A puzzle piece image appears in this section. See also E.Y.E.'s puzzle.


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Eve Avatar

  • uploaded: March 8, 2009
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  • note: On March 21, Eve confirmed [[[eve-mandera|#email090321|in an email]]] that this image was produced by Dante; see Entry regarding the avatars for more details.

Piece of E.Y.E. Puzzle

  • uploaded: March 8, 2009
  • caption: "Got this from E.Y.E."
  • see E.Y.E.'s Puzzle



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