Eve Mandera
Character Summary
Affiliation: TSO
Email: moc.liamg|arednam.eve#moc.liamg|arednam.eve
Web Site: http://www.myspace.com/evemandera (Details)
Twitter: http://twitter.com/EveMandera
Info: Dante's half sister, Adam's girlfriend, member of TSO, hunted by The Hitman.

Eve is Dante's half sister and Adam's girlfriend. She is a member of TSO. As such, after the failed attempt on Adam's life, Eve became hunted by the Hitman working for STV, and narrowly escaped an assassination attempts. She seems to have a passion for books and has communicated with the players on a number of puzzles.

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13 February 2009: Blog Comment

The first appearance of Eve is in the form of a comment on Adam's Blog, revealing Eve is connected to Dante and Adam. The comment includes a link leading to the discovery of Dante's MySpace account. She says she can't get in touch with him.

14 February 2009: Various information

17 February 2009: 'The key to a better view…' Email

Eve sends the following email to the players, leading to the All Astir Puzzle:

I have found something.
A window has appeared.
But, there's some glass for you to crack before you can enter:

All Astir The Pulpit.A Bosom Friend The Sermon.Loomings.Loomings Going Aboard

Be informed that there is a second part to this puzzle.
I will send you the second riddle when you're ready for it.


18 February 2009: Email

The second part of the All Astir Puzzle comes in another email:

As promised, here's the second part of the puzzle.
Upon solving this, you will gain access to E.Y.E.'s diary.
When you're there, make sure you pay attention to detail.

Part 2:


19 February 2009: Reposting

Eve posts the emails linked to the All Astir Puzzle on her MySpace Blog.

20 February 2009: Failed attempt on Adam's life

28 February 2009: 'Adam Without Eve' link

  • A new link is added to EYE's Home Page: 'Adam without Eve', leading to the Crack The Safe Puzzle.
  • Adam (2012) publishes on his Blog a newspaper article dated May 1, 2009 describing the assassination of a woman in Times Square on the previous day. The date (April 30, 2009) coincides with the date when The Hitman is supposed to kill Eve.

05 March 2009: Foreshadowing

The solution to the Another Message from the Future puzzle indicates that

the mole will betray Eve

07 March 2009: 'Adam needs us' Email

Adam has found something.
He is in shock.
Do you know what he discovered?


08 March 2009: MySpace Update

Eve updates her MySpace account, including an image linked to EYE's Puzzle.

16 March 2009: 'A new connection has opened' Email

Another email from Eve, connected to a new Link on EYE's Home Page, leading to The Gallery Puzzle:

A new connection can be found at E.Y.E.'s location.
Are you a connoisseur?

20 March 2009 'Gift' Emails

On March 20 Eve started sending a series of emails with images attached. All the images are collectively known as Eve's Gift and eventually lead to the solution of the There's Nothing Here Puzzle.

21 March 2009: Avatar Email, and MySpace Update

[…] The avatar was indeed edited by Dante. He is really into that stuff. […]

08 April 2009: Adam (2012) Chat

Adam 92012) tells the players during their chat that Eve is hidden in New York (at least she was, at this date, in his timeline); unfortunately, he cannot contact her. He also shares that saving Eve in our timeline would not change his timeline

10 April 2009: Twitter account discovered

Messages by EYE on Twitter lead to the discovery of Eve's Twitter account, with the following message:

10:34 PM Apr 10th from web
@TSO2009 EM reporting for duty! Although I'm not with you guys I will continue to fight!

16 April 2009: Adam is killed

10:13 PM Apr 15th from web
@TSO2009 : have they betrayed me? Have they sent my address to the hitman? It seems I have nowhere else to go. I can only pray now.

  • After Adam's assassination, Eve posts on Adam's Blog her farewell, perhaps indicating she will take over his blog.
  • During a chat session with the players, EYE explains how Adam (instead of Eve) was found at the location The Hitman attacked. He also indicates that Eve has left New York

The following events seem to take place along the timeline that Adam (2012) is on, but not on our timeline

30 April 2009: Eve is killed

According to a newspaper article published by Adam (2012), The Hitman assasinates Eve in Times Square as instructed by STV.

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