E Y E S Diary

The first page discovered on EYE's Website is a page entitled "E.Y.E.tube", perhaps a video diary where EYE will post summaries of each Chapter.
The page is available at the following URL: or http://www.eyeamhere.com/eyetube/chapter0.asp


The page was found by solving the All Astir Puzzle


Zooming in the background image (http://www.eyeamhere.com/eyetube/background.gif) reveals the following text at the left border:

April Fool's is for fools. E.Y.E. will be here on April 1st.

No Really, you have to zoom in to see it


Mostly the same as from E.Y.E.'s youtube account

New Video: E.Y.E. Will Help

One extra viceo is accessible through this page. To reach it, you need to right-click on the frame and select 'play' until there's not 'right' button to scroll through more videos; at this point the image in the frame should be that of an eye, with some blurred text at the top. Clicking on the image leads to the new video (which we're naming according to the title of the page it is displayed on: "E.Y.E. Will Help"). The video displays the eye in the background and two sentences:

Finding Anna Grahms will help you against S.T.V.

the second sentence reveals the S.T.V. cipher

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