E.Y.E. is an A.I. developed by Dante. He (most characters refer to E.Y.E. as 'him') used to be a member of the T.S.O. but has gone AWOL. He tells us of a "coming" on April 1, 2009.


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Relationship to T.S.O.

The stranger from the future that contacted Adam provided some information regarding the relationship between E.Y.E. and T.S.O.; see Your Future Is My Past Undeliverable Email. It seems that the reason why E.Y.E. (and Dante) had a fallout with T.S.O. is something we should be looking for (in the past?).

E.Y.E. Neutrality

While, as noted above, E.Y.E. seems to have had a relationship with T.S.O. that turned sour, we've also been told that E.Y.E. is a neutral party. Consider, for instance, this message, reported by Cowabella on the unForum thread, a reply from E.Y.E.:

E.Y.E. only show what was shown to me.
E.Y.E. am neutral. I guide both sides.

On the other hand, E.Y.E.'s trustworthiness has been questioned since the early stages of the story. For instance, T.S.O. MySpace page included this comment since it was found:

Can E.Y.E. be trusted?

E.Y.E. himself claims to be neutral (see above) but willing to help. Even his email is E.Y.E. Can Help You.


EYE is an AI. Dante revealed this to Dan O'Kean (Pharmament).


5 March, 2009 A Message From The Future

Can you decipher the message?
Cracking the encryption could help you in the future…



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