Dante's Gallery
Puzzle Reward Summary
URL: http://www.eyeamhere.com/tg/thegallery.asp?order=3412
From Puzzle: The Gallery
Discovered: 16 March 2009 by MrToasty
See also: EYE's Puzzle, Find An Entrance, Brecos
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On March 16 MrToasty solved The Gallery Puzzle, accessing a new page: http://www.eyeamhere.com/tg/thegallery.asp?order=3412
The page includes images and text that provide hint for other puzzles.

The Images

The page includes the usual rectangular frame, with a caption at the top:

Dante's Gallery

A right-arrow button in the lower-right corner lets the user see all the images in the gallery. The images appear in the following order:

Display Order Image Notes
The first Diagonal image from Dante; it was thought to be a clue as to how the tiles collected for E.Y.E.'s Puzzle should be arranged; later on, this image was used to resolve the Brecos Puzzle
There is someone who / knows where I am, / but that info is / protected by a puzzle.
Based on the events on March 30 ([[[yourfutureismypast#email-2009-03-30-1|Adam (2012)'s email, and Dante's Message) the 'someone' Dante is referring to is Adam (2012)
"Object Day" / Mark these "words" to find another piece of the puzzle. / (By the time you read this, / you might have figured it out.)
A hint for the Find An Entrance Puzzle
Clicking the image leads to a larger version; See E.Y.E.'s Puzzle.
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