Dante Jonahson
Character Summary
Affiliation: TSO
Email: n/a
Web Site: http://www.myspace.com/dantejonahson (Details)
Twitter: n/a
Info: Eve's half-brother, Adam's best friend, Computer Wiz', developed E.Y.E., contacted Dan O'Kean, member and then chief of TSO, infiltrated Pharmament, and helped H. Mandelstrom out of it.

Dante is a computer wiz (as Adam described him) that developed a self-aware A.I. named E.Y. E.. He was in touch with Dan O'Kean in December 2008, offering help in his quest for proof of Pharmament's evil plans. It seems Dante was a member of TSO around this time, and eventually infiltrated Pharmament. After the Adam's death he has taken control of TSO.

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21 December 2008: Contact with Dan O'Kean

Discovered on March 30, 2009
First contact between Dante and Dan O'Kean (see: Dan's blog).

28 December 2008: Contact with Dan O'Kean

Discovered on March 30, 2009
Second contact between Dante and Dan O'Kean (see: Dan's blog).

03 January 2009: Dan O'Kean disappears

Discovered on March 30, 2009
Dante cannot reach Dan O'Kean anymore (see: Dan's blog).

04 January 2009: Dante locks Dan's Blog

Discovered on March 30, 2009
Due to Dan's disappearance, Dante locks down his blog (see: Dan's blog).

10 February 2009: Blogs

11 February 2009: Dante contacts Adam

A post by Adam indicates that Dante is in touch with him at this point.

12 February 2009: Info about Dante

  • Through the Your Future Is My Past Email Puzzle, we discovered that "Dante and E.Y.E. had a fallout with T.S.O."; the reason is unknown, might be important, and seems hidden in time.
  • Through the EYE Am Nearby Puzzle we learn that Dante is missing (or, at least, that EYE does not know where Dante is)
  • Olorin reported asking E.Y.E. for Dante's location and receiving this answer:

Currently, E.Y.E. do not know where Dante is.
E.Y.E. hope he is intact.

13 February 2009: Dante's MySpace discovered

A comment by Eve on Adam's Blog leads to the discovery of Dante's MySpace account.

14 February 2009: Dante is missing

A comment by Eve on Adam's Blog confirms that Dante is missing, or -at least- unreachable.

15 February 2009: Blog Comment

TSO posts answers to comments on their MySpace blog indicating that "There's a connection between E.Y.E. and Dante that can not be broken…No matter what E.Y.E. does, he would never hurt Dante."

26 February 2009: Dante MySpace linked

Dante's MySpace account is linked from EYE's Home Page ("The Thinker").

05 March 2009: Another Message from the Future

A message from Adam (2012) indicates that the reason for Dante to leave TSO is that EYE detected a mole within TSO.

16 March 2009: Dante's Gallery and EYE's Puzzle

21 March 2009: More info about the Avatars

Eve indicates in an email that her avatar was produced by Dante.

30 March 2009: Dante links TSO and Pharmament

08 April 2009: Chat with Adam (2012)

Details from the chat with Adam (2012):

10 April 2009: Dante's avatar

Marschall J Spence reveals that the face on the TSO avatar is Dante's.

15 April 2009: Brecos Puzzle Solved

16 April 2009: Adam's Death

  • After Adam's murder Dante leaves Pharmament with H. Mandelstrom.

18 April 2009: MySpace update

Dante updates his MySpace page, adding an 'About Me' section with messages for Adam, TSO and its members. He indicates he will take back control of TSO, that he is safe (together with H. Mandelstrom) and has gathered evidence against Pharmament to be decoded and release soon.

26 April 2009: Dante took over the TSO twitter

Dante has exchanged the avatar for the TSO twitter and posts from there.

Listen up friends, I might have found something. You have probably already found the link in the katana picture?

see Third File

I believe that the page where it leads to contains a clue. Have you seen the id/name of the text field?

see Third File

For those wondering how I reached you, as stated before, I have taken back control over T.S.O. (and my own avatar at that).

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