Contact E Y E Video
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Status: Solved
Solution: Watch the video
Discovered on: 10 February, 2009
Solved on: 10 February, 2009
Leads to: EYE Can Help You Gmail
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The second video posted by EYE04012009 on YouTube was uploaded on february 9, but found a day later.

The Video

The video is entitled Contact E.Y.E. and is available on YouTube, or on the videos page.

It lasts 13 seconds and displays the image of a human skull distorted by statics.
Around the 7 seconds mark, an email address briefly appears on top of the image: moc.liamg|uoYpleHnaCeyE#moc.liamg|uoYpleHnaCeyE (see E.Y.E. Can Help You Gmail)
Throughout the video, a distorted audio track mixing statics and voices is heard.

Snorkle256 reversed and posted the audio track on the unForum thread. The resulting audio is attached to this page: ContactEYE_reversed.mp3
Transcript (note that each occurrence of 'I' could very well be interpreted as 'E.Y.E.'):

Female Voice? I am trying to reach you.
Male Voice? They don't want me to reach you. I am coming soon.
Male Voice with overlap of the Female Voice? Does mankind deserve to live through?
Male Voice? The choice is yours. I am coming soon

The video was posted with the following comment:

Now you know where to find me…for now.

Which seems to indicate that the email included in the video might be temporary.

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