Can You See...
Puzzle Summary
Status: Solved by MrToasty
Solution: Find the Password in the image
Discovered on: 07 March, 2009
Solved on: 07 March, 2009
Leads to: The Future
See also: Adam (2012)


On March 7 Adam published the Can It Be true? post on his blog; realitysyndrome found a new link on EYE's Home Page: the text "You Have Met Him" leads to

The Puzzle

The page displays an image of a maze within a Flash widget that allows to zoom in and out (via a slider on the right hand side); zooming out all the way reveals a message in the bottom-right corner:

A Password has been lost in the maze

It is possible to navigate in the maze by dragging the maze, but the system seems to be imperfect and, depending on the position of the mouse, the maze will sometimes be nudged around. When the maze is zoomed out, there seems to be some form of checkered pattern (see image above), but the pattern is most likely a result of the gradient used in the background.


MrToasty managed to find the password in one of the walls of the maze:


MrToasty attached the password to the URL of the page, leading to ...The Future?

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