Adam, TSO and Eve Avatars

TSO, Adam, and Eve

In the early stage of the story, people noticed some similarity between the avatar images used by TSO and Adam. Eve's avatar is similar to the first two as well:

TSO's Avatar Adam's Avatar Eve's AVatar
tsoprofile.jpg AdamAvatar.jpg Eve_Avatar.jpg

All three avatars represent a human head using the same basic 'palette', perhaps the result of the same treatment to different source images.
When Adam was asked about the image via comments on his blog, he provided some interesting information:

The avatar I used? Well, if my blog ever gets controversial, then I don't want to be punched in the mouth by a random stranger who recognizes me :-)
I expect T.S.O. to have similar motives.

By the way, Dante edited the photo for me.
He's the computer wiz. I know he's always programming something.

Adam modified the avatar image on his blog on February 22, adding the 'T.S.O.' text, presumably indicating he aligned with The Secret Organization. See Adam F. H. Perry for the two images.

Later on, Eve confirmed in an email that her avatar had also been produced by Dante.

  • Adam's avatar is not a picture of him (or, at least, the picture is altered enough to provide anonymity);
  • Adam mentions T.S.O. in his answer, although the comments that triggered his answer did not mention T.S.O.'s Avatar (ok, the PMs might have simply slipped here, or pruposly gave us the info because they read our threads)
  • Dante edited Adam's Avatar (and might have edited TSO's Avatar, explaining the similarities);
  • Eve's Avatar was produced by Dante.
  • Dante is a "computer wiz", "always programming something"

Dave O'Kean

On April 2, Dave O'Kean updated his own avatar to a new version with similar colors. See also Characters Avatar Speculation.

Dave O'Kean

TSO members

On April 10, 3 new characters reported for duty as TSO members. Their avatars share similarities to those already presented:

Mark Kubain Marshall J. Spence Joseph S. Jameson

In addition, a message from Marshall J Spence indicates that the avatar used by TSO till now is actually Dante's portrait.

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